Rules - GO Camping Quebec

Application users must obey the following rules. Otherwise the campground reserves the right to refuse the discount coupon.
  • Valid during the 2019 camping season.
  • The GO Camping Québec application and its discount coupons are non-transferable, non-refundable and have no cash value.
  • Campers must present their discount coupon downloaded onto their smartphones or tablets, or the printed version of the coupon. They must also present identification, at the request of the campground reception attendant.
  • Only one discount coupon may be used per stay, and per travelling campsite. – The travelling campsite must be the site rented by the application owner.

– A “stay” means the rental of a travelling campsite for one night or several consecutive nights.
– If a camper already occupying a travelling campsite wishes to extend his or her stay: adding one or more consecutive nights to a stay to which the GO Camping Québec discount coupon has already been applied does not constitute a new stay to which a new discount coupon is applicable.
– New stay: for a camper to use a new discount coupon, he or she must have spent at least one complete night outside the campground and the travelling campsite must have been left empty, with no equipment on it. For instance, a camper cannot leave the campsite Saturday morning and return that same Saturday night to take advantage of a new discount.
- Discounts do not apply to the rental of seasonal sites, unless specifically indicated on the discount coupon.

  • Amounts on discount coupons are before taxes.
  • Discount coupons may not be associated or combined with any other discounts or promotions offered by Camping Québec or other businesses, and may not be used during the spring and fall “2 nights for $50” weekends, at campgrounds participating in this promotion.
  • No rebate coupon will be applied on a camping overnight after registration is concluded at the reception office and the payment is completed.
  • The use of GO Camping Québec discount coupons is subject to all the campground rules.
  • Camping Québec is not responsible if a campground is unable to honour its discount coupons because of unavoidable circumstances, a strike, closure, change of owner or other events beyond the campground’s control.
  • If an error inadvertently occurs in the information relating to discount coupons, or in the event of a disagreement over interpretation, the campground’s version shall apply. In addition, in the event of a difference in the French and English versions, the French version of the discount coupon shall always prevail.

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