Main camping-related organizations


Organizations from Quebec

Camping Québec, l'Association des terrains de camping du Québec

Camping Québec, founded in 1962, is a private, non-profit association representing the operators of private, municipal and public campgrounds in Quebec. Camping Québec, its mission is to promote camping and to expand and develop the camping industry in Quebec.

Camping Québec helps its members through a wide range of services, from information to promotion, marketing, consulting, training and more. It can assist them from the moment they open their campgrounds and at every step along the way as they grow. It also helps campers who contact it choose campgrounds that meet their needs.

Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec (ACVRQ)

The ACVRQ is an umbrella group for recreational vehicle dealers in Quebec, providing them with support for RV sales and rentals and training for sales representatives and facilitating communication among member dealers. The Association also promotes camping and RVing, by helping to finance different campaigns and organizing trade fairs and shows.

Canadian organizations

Canadian camping and RV Council (CCRVC)

The Canadian Camping and RV Council (CCRVC) is a federation consisting of the Provincial Campground Owners’ Associations across Canada, the Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association and the Recreational Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada.

Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association (CRVA) 

For 40 years, CRVA has worked hard to promote the quality and safety of recreational vehicles built by our members. A source of information on Canadian manufacturers and the vehicles they produce.

The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) 

The RVDA of Canada is a national federation which exists to protect and promote the interests and welfare of RV Dealers across Canada in order to enable the industry to maximize its potential.

Public organizations

Tourisme Québec

Tourisme Québec

Alliance de l'industrie touristique du Québec

The Alliance de l’industrie touristique du Québec (Alliance) is the result of a merger between ATR associées du Québec, ATS Québec and the Association québécoise de l’industrie touristique. It was founded on January 28, 2016 by a meeting of the members of the three founding associations. 

In a perspective of growth in tourism revenues, the Alliance’s mission is to:

  • Bring together, coordinate and represent companies and associations in the tourism industry 
  • Support and participate in the development of Québec’s tourism services and marketing 
  • Use a renewed and coherent approach to share expertise and innovative ideas.

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