User guide


How to use your GO Camping Québec coupons

  • Only one coupon per stay, per campsite.
  • Download your coupons prior to your arrival.
  • Show this coupon when checking in at the campground reception.
  • Your name and 12-digit user code must be indicated on the coupon.
  • Show a proof of identity matching both the first and last names indicated on the coupon.
To download your coupons:
  • Look for campgrounds under the Home tab.
  • Click on the name of the campground to access its coupons.
  • Download the coupons you have chosen by clicking on Download this coupon. When a coupon has been downloaded, a 12-digit code and your full name will appear on the coupon.
  • All downloaded coupons are organized under the My coupons tab.
  • Coupons that have already been downloaded in My coupons can be accessed at all times: no Internet connection is necessary.
  • Please enter your real name, since you will be asked a proof of identity when using the coupons. If you are connecting via Facebook, make sure your account was created under your real name.

    Please read also Rules and Conditions of use and non-exclusive licence.

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