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The Guide de gestion de l’exploitant de camping

The Guide de gestion de l’exploitant de camping is the only complete French reference guide on this subject in Quebec. To help operators manage their campgrounds, Camping Québec consulted experts in architecture, engineering, environment, law and human resources, as well as experienced operators, and put it all together in a well-targeted, original guide. Some of the subjects covered:

  • typical budget 
  • layout 
  • legal aspects of managing clients 
  • applicable legislation 
  • industry statistics 
  • practical information, tips and advice

Portrait of camping in Quebec – 2017

Produced in partnership with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, this report analyzes the camping industry in Quebec and its economic spinoff, profiles campers and examines trends, and provides plenty of interesting statistics. It traces the growth of the camping industry, and its sustained expansion in recent years. Trends in this industry are quite encouraging. The camping industry is coming in for increasing attention from investors, the media and politicians. Aside from the very concrete data it contains, the report offers valuable food for thought on the industry’s development and strategic orientations.

The Summary (in English) and the complete Report (in French only) are available in the Industry Data section.

Economic impact of the Canadian camping industry and analysis of trends

In 2014 the CCRVC commissioned SOM and WSP to conduct the first ever economic impact study to assess the contributions of the camping sector as a whole. The objective of the study is to illustrate the impact of Canada’s camping industry on our country’s economy and its significance as an economic driver at the provincial and national levels.

Some statistics drawn from this study are available in the Industry Data section on this site. 

Video clips: Hiring for a seasonal business – a different approach

Four on-line clips (in French) taken from a lecture given by Adèle Girard, Executive Director of the Conseil québécois des ressources humaines en tourisme (CQRHT) at the 2008 Camping Québec annual convention.

You need to hire staff, but you’re wondering how to go about it? What questions to ask? What criteria you should be setting? You want to be sure that your clients will be served by someone you trust, but how do you find that person?

  • Part I : Quels sont mes besoins ? (13 minutes) 
  • Part II : Quelle sera ma campagne de marketing pour recruter les candidats ? (10 minutes) 
  • Part III : Comment dois-je m'y prendre en entrevue ? (20 minutes) 
  • Part IV: La génération Y : Qui sont-ils ? Que veulent-ils ? Comment dois-je me comporter comme gestionnaire ? (12 minutes)

L’Équipe newsletter

Five times a year, Camping Québec publishes its own French-language newsletter, L'Équipe. It’s an excellent means of reaching members and keeping them up to date on everything new in the camping industry. Your Camping Québec membership comes with an annual subscription to L'Équipe.

Quebec Campground Guide

Camping Québec publishes over 1750,000 copies of the Quebec Campground Guide and distributes it widely, through:

This directory is the best place to advertise your campground. It’s the perfect reference tool for anyone camping in Quebec.

Camping Québec promotional campaigns

  • The Satisfaction Guaranteed program assures campers that a campground is well maintained and in good condition. If a camper is dissatisfied, the operator promises to refund the full rental price of the campsite if the camper so requests within half an hour of arriving.
  • The Low-Season Discount program means that participating campgrounds offer a 10% discount on campsite rentals between September 9 and June 14.

Camping Québec members are listed in the search engine of the Website and can promote their campgrounds on the site by filling out a complete description and using various other options.

An operators-only section lets them exchange information and news and access the Documentation Centre and many other on-line tools offered by Camping Québec.

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