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Tourisme Québec recently released its latest statistical report on occupancy rates at Quebec campgrounds.

Statistical background

Bilan de fréquentation 2018

* Note

Please note that for statistics on ready-to-camp (prêt-à-camper) the number of sites available represents the total of all units available for the month. For example, in June slightly fewer than 1994 units were available for 30 days for a total of 59 818 sites available. While for the statistics relative to camping in a tent or RV, the number of sites available represents the sum of sites available per day. For example, 115 419 sites per day in June.

Bilan de fréquentation 2017

Bilan de fréquentation 2016

Bilan de fréquentation 2015

Bilan de fréquentation 2014

Evolution of the camping industry

You can also analyze the evolution of the camping industry between 2006 and 20011 (in French)

La fréquentation des terrains de camping du Québec – Étés 2006 à 2010  

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