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Since 2003, every person operating a campground establishment in Quebec is required to hold a classification certificate for the establishment. Classification is mandatory under the Tourist Accommodation Establishments Act. Classification has also become an eligibility criterion for many services available to campgrounds: publication in the Quebec Campground Guide, listing on tourist signs and in most guides published by regional tourist associations, etc.

Are you offering campsites or turnkey camping units for rent? You may be subject to the Act! For more information, see the interpretation guide put out by the Ministère du Tourisme:

Loi et règlement sur les établissements d'hébergement touristique - Interpretation Guide
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Initial request form
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An obligation for all quebec campgrounds

Classification: helping campers make informed choices!
The classification program requires that each campground be visited once every three years to validate the services it offers and inspect the quality of its facilities. The information in the Quebec Campground Guide is compiled during this classification process. Of course, classification isn’t about how beautiful the landscape may be or what attractions there are nearby.

There are two separate parts to the program:

  • Quality of facilities and
  • Type of facilities and extra services.

1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 stars … What does it all mean?
The campground classification program takes account of the type and condition of the facilities and the number of complementary services offered by each campground. While it focuses particularly on maintenance, cleanliness and the layout of sites and facilities, the classification also takes account of the diversity of the infrastructure and services provided for campers’ comfort. Laundry facilities, a playground, electrical hookups, a swimming pool, a community hall and Wi-Fi, for instance, can boost a campground’s classification level.

Similarly, the lack of certain basic elements, like drinking water and toilets, can reduce the number of stars. A one- or two-star classification doesn’t mean that a given campground is not as well maintained as its neighbour with a higher rating, but simply that it may be a smaller campground or a rustic setting with fewer services. It may be just what you’re looking for if that’s what you like.

The classification certificate is in the form of a sign indicating the name of the campground and the classification results. The sign must be permanently displayed outside the establishment.

Classification levels (924 Classified Campgrounds)

0 star Campground meeting some classification criteria. 148
1 star Campground meeting minimum quality standards. 98
2 stars Campground with quality facilities, offering some extra services and activities. 176
3 stars Campground with high-quality facilities, offering several extra services and activities. 243
4 stars Campground with very high-quality facilities, offering a range of extra services and activities. 220
5 stars  Campground with excellent facilities, offering a wide range of extra services and activities. 22
Rating in progress  Evaluation in progress

Criteria in force 

The 2016 edition of the Classification Guide for Camping Establishments contains the evaluation criteria currently in force.


The 2016 edition of the Classification Guide for Camping Establishments

Note that new criteria will be in effect as of 2020. The 2020 edition of the Classification Guide for Camping Establishments will be available in the year 2018.

Consult the summary:

Summary of the 2020 modifications (PDF)
Coming into force of Bill 67

Since April 15, 2016, the Act Respecting Tourist Accommodation Establishment contains a new definition of a camping establishment, which now includes ready-to-camp units. This novelty may have consequences on the classification result of campgrounds offering these types of rental units.


Impact on classification of the ready-to-camp inclusion

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