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Buying an existing campground


We suggest you first start by reading the section on Opening a campground.

  • Buying an existing campground can be a good investment, especially if it is well located. Think about the style of campground and the region that interest you, and decide how much you are willing to invest.
  • Don’t rely on appearances. Examine all the different options and calculate the real value of each one.
  • Talk to the experts. One chapter in the Guide de gestion de l’exploitant de camping deals with buying an existing campground.
  • Make sure the campground complies with environmental standards concerning wastewater disposal and the supply and distribution of drinking water. If you buy a campground without first checking the condition of the facilities, you could be obliged to refit the campground to bring it up to standards – possibly a very costly proposition.


You should also check whether the campground has been classified, and ask for the results of the classification visit. The classification program can be a good source of information on the services that are currently or could be offered by the campground.

The operation of a tourist accommodation establishment such as a campground is subject to the issue of a classification certificate. To apply for or to modify a classification certificate, you must contact Camping Québec at 450 651-7396 / 1 800 363-0457.

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