Camping in Quebec

Special Rights and Privileges


The rights and privileges granted to seasonal campers must be specified in advance in the rental contract. It is increasingly rare, nevertheless, for special privileges to be granted, for legal reasons or to preserve harmony in the campground. Two subjects in particular are apt to cause friction between seasonal campers and operators and should be discussed openly.

RV sales in the campground

When selling their RVs, some campers may be tempted to take advantage of their campsite’s desirable location or strong demand for sites in the campground in question. They must keep in mind that:

  • The campsite does not belong to them, even if they have been staying there for many years. The site cannot be considered as adding value to the RV they are selling.
  • The rental contract for a site is not automatically transferable to the new owner of the RV. This decision is up to the campground operator, who may have a waiting list for seasonal campsites.
  • Campgrounds may apply administration fees for selling an RV.

Permanent structures

Permanent structures like garages, sheds or extensions are generally prohibited, since they are tolerated less and less by municipalities. Operators may require that campers demolish them when their contracts expire, or take them along when they leave. When an RV that will remain on its site is sold, any extensions or other structures may also have to be dismantled.

The operator may have any structure that does not comply with the terms of the rental contract demolished.

Municipalities generally do not allow any buildings to be erected on campsites, or will tax them as residences. For more information, see the “Municipal Taxes” section.

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