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So you’ve discovered the perfect campground where you’d like to spend the whole summer? You’re about to become a seasonal camper.

Make sure you fill out a rental contract spelling out the rental conditions for your campsite. It's in your interest, and the campground operator’s too. Read the contract carefully before you sign it!

Many operators also require that seasonal campers read all the campground rules before they sign a contract. This may seem a bit much to ask, but since these rules of conduct are designed to help everyone get along, it is best that you know what you can and cannot do before you commit yourself. At the same time, you will be sure that the campground really offers the kind of atmosphere you’re looking for.

By not leaving anything to chance, you’ll avoid any misunderstandings once you’re settled in for the summer.

Important details

Important details

Your campsite rental contract is not a lease. Campgrounds do not come under the jurisdiction of the Régie du logement du Québec. In other words, you cannot use a campground address as your permanent address.

 Renting a campsite does not make you the owner of the site, no matter how many years you have been staying there.


 Contents of your contract

 The standard rental contract (or memorandum of agreement) usually offered by campground operators describes relations between a seasonal camper and the operator. It may include:

  • A physical description of the campsite and of the owner’s vehicle.
  • The names of all the members of the camping group, meaning the people in the camper’s immediate family (generally the spouse and minor children).
  • Rules concerning fees and insurance (overdue payments, deposits, refunds, mandatory liability insurance, etc.).
  • General campground rules.
  • Conditions concerning the transfer of contracts (requiring the operator’s agreement).
  • Rules concerning the sale of an RV at the campground;
  • Municipal by-laws applying to RVs.

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