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Frequently asked questions: seasonal campers

Can I purchase my campsite?
Yes, but the campground has to allow the purchase of campsites according to the campground-condo formula, an emerging trend in the camping industry. For the moment, only a few campgrounds offer this option. There are different transaction models. Before buying, make sure it suits your needs.
I want to buy a trailer that is already in the seasonal section of a campground. The seller assures me that if I buy his trailer, I can also rent the site where it is now installed. Is he right?
No. When you buy the trailer, you do not automatically rent the site. The rental site remains the property of the campground owner, and the right to use the site is not included in any way when a trailer is sold by a camper. The campground manager is perfectly entitled to decide that he doesn’t wish to sign a rental contract with you. If the manager already has a waiting list for would-be seasonal campers, he may decide to give them priority and not to rent you the site. In that case it will be up to you to find a way to move the trailer off the site. So be very careful when buying a trailer already installed at a campground!
Can the campground manager ask me for a deposit for the next season? If I change my mind or have to cancel my next camping season for reasons beyond my control, can I recover my deposit?
Yes, the campground manager can ask for a reservation deposit when the contract is signed. The contract normally includes a cancellation clause specifying whether the reservation fees are refundable, non-refundable, or non-refundable after a certain date. Make sure you get a receipt when you pay your deposit, too.
If I want to ensure that I can rent my site for the next season, can a campground manager ask me to pay the total amount of my rent for my seasonal site, before we have signed a contract?
Reservation fees are payable when the contract is signed. The due dates of rental fee instalments are specified in the contract. As for reserving for the next season, the deadlines for reserving, paying reservation fees and signing the contract for the next season are all specified in the contract.
I have been a seasonal camper for 20 years at the same campground, but now I have decided to move to another campground. Over the years I have installed a small shed and a fence and done some landscaping. Can the owner require that I return the site to its original condition, by removing all the additions I have made over the years?
Yes, the owner can ask you to put the rental site back in the same condition as you originally found it. Read the clauses concerning the appearance of the site carefully when you sign your seasonal contract. You must abide by them.
I signed a rental contract as a seasonal camper and the beginning date was set for May 10. Can the campground manager deny me access to the site on that date?
Read your seasonal contract and the relevant clause carefully. The campground manager may deny you access to your site if he considers it too difficult to access the site (muddy, flooded, still snow covered, etc.).
Is my seasonal rental contract the equivalent of a lease for an apartment? Do I have the same rights and obligations?
The rental contract for a seasonal site is intended for vacationing purposes. The contract is not under the jurisdiction of the Régie du logement du Québec.
We are a retired couple and are looking for a calm campground to spend the summer as seasonal campers. Are there campgrounds for retired people?

Yes, some campgrounds describe themselves as intended for retired people, while others are aimed at the market of people age 50 and up. Consult the campground fact sheets on and you’ll find the information you need in the “Ambience” section.

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