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Recreation Committee


A recreation committee organizes activities on a campground during the summer and raises funds for them. The committee may be managed by the campground operator, or by volunteer campers.

The operator manages the committee

  • To avoid or defuse conflicts between campers. Members of campers’ committees don’t always see eye to eye!
  • To keep control over the committee’s finances.
  • To keep control over the program and the brand image of the campground.
  • To come up with a program of activities for both seasonal and travelling campers.


How does it work?

 Campground management:

  • Recruits volunteers;
  • Funds the committee or organizes fund-raising activities (collecting returnable bottles, selling items with the campground logo, etc.);
  • Rewards volunteers with gifts or free overnight stays;
  • Remains open to suggestions by campers, while reserving a veto;
  • Manages communications between the committee and campers.

Campers manage the committee

  • Only if they can get along. No arguments!
  • To allow the campground operator to spend time on other issues in the campground.
  • To encourage healthy competition, with a better program every summer!


How does it work?

 First of all, campers have to create a non-profit organization run by a board of directors, generally partly funded by the campground. 

The members of this board must:

  • Be elected;
  • Manage the organization’s finances in a transparent fashion;
  • Be able to produce financial statements at all times.

The board members:

  • Draw up a program of activities for both seasonal and travelling campers;
  • Report to the campground operator on the committee’s finances;
  • Organize fund-raising activities (dances, community suppers, draws, etc.).

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