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Ready-to-camp in Québec: four benefits to consider!

Whether you’re an avid camper or a casual one, the question of equipment comes up again and again. Is it worth owning your own gear for just two weeks of vacation or a few camping trips per year?

For campers who only want to do a few trips per season, or for those who prefer a range of accommodations while still being in touch with nature, more and more campgrounds are offering ready-to-camp units.
A few advantages to ready-to-camp:

1. No equipment to maintain and store

Everyone knows that owning your own tent or recreational vehicle comes with its share of chores and responsibilities.

With tent camping, you need to pack cooking equipment and bedding; gather all of your gear for every trip; make sure the equipment is completely dry before putting it away; have waterproof protection for your equipment, if necessary; repair damaged equipment, etc. Not to mention the space needed to store everything.

With RV camping, on top of insuring and registering your vehicle, you have to winterize and de-winterize it every year; pack your gear for every trip; hook up the hitch; do mechanical maintenance; store the RV between trips and during the cold season; prevent water leaks, etc.

While there are plenty of avid campers who love doing this kind of work, there are those who don’t want all the hassle for just a few camping trips per year, and they shouldn’t have to miss out on the joys of camping because of it.

With the ready-to-camp option, it’s as simple as “food, clothes, bedding”! And, it’s less expensive than a hotel!

2. Everything is ready in no time!

Suddenly have the urge to head out on an adventure? To experience nature and sit around a magnificent campfire? With the ready-to-camp option, everything is ready in no time!

Cooking utensils? Camping chairs? Inflatable mattresses? A good number of campgrounds offer campers as much equipment as possible. Find out what’s included when making your reservation.

All you have to do is bring your clothes, your food (a lot of ready-to-camp units have a refrigerator) and your bedding, and maybe a few board games and a good book to relax during the day.

Book it and go!

3. More and more options…

As ready-to-camp is becoming more and more popular, campgrounds are offering more options than ever.

In addition to trailers that are already set up and ready for you, campgrounds offer prospector tents, conventional tents, small cottages and cabins, as well as some more unique options like yurts, tipis, tree houses, floating cabins, etc.

So, you can explore plenty of options during your camping season!

4. For comfortable camping…

A lot of people won’t opt for camping because they think they won’t get a good night’s sleep. No matter which type of ready-to-camp unit you choose, you’ll sleep comfortably, thanks to high-quality equipment. In fact, most campgrounds offer real beds and comfortable mattresses.

Whether you’re in a tent or a cottage, sleeping in nature is the ultimate to refuel and relax!

In short, whether it’s for a full vacation, a few weekends or a last-minute trip that wasn’t planned, the ready-to-camp units offered by many of our Camping Québec members will not only charm you, but will allow you to discover camping in all its forms!

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