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These days, more and more travellers are looking for a compromise between proximity to nature and the comfort of a hotel. Hence, we’ve seen the emergence of original, sometimes even unusual, camping concepts that combine the outdoors with comfort and luxury. Ready-to-camp is ideal for people wanting a minimum of comfort without having to buy and transport all the necessary camping equipment. It’s also the perfect option for new campers and foreign travellers. 

For years now, many campgrounds have offered small and inexpensive cottage rentals. Given the popularity of this formula, campgrounds have started offering actual turnkey camping packages. Now you can rent a fully equipped tent, trailer, yurt or even tipi, permanently set up on a campsite. Just bring your suitcase, food and sports equipment and get the most out of your stay. Just bring your suitcase, food and sports equipment to get the most out of your camping trip and the outdoors, without the hassle!

Every campground offers different services and equipment! Some ready-to-camp units have beds, furniture, fuel, dishes and kitchen items. Make sure to get all the information when booking your reservation.

Below is a selective list of the main types of ready-to-camp units found throughout Québec…

Try them all and experience something totally different!


Cabins are often compared to cottages, because they’re permanent structures and have a kitchen for campers. However, the main difference is that cabins generally don’t have closed bedrooms, whereas cottages do. Cabins provide the perfect blend of nature and comfort. You can rent cabins in more than 200 campgrounds in all over Quebec!

Sleep in a cabin


Originally, the yurt was a typical dwelling in Central Asia. Traditional yurts are mainly used by nomads and are specifically designed to be taken apart and transported. In Quebec, the yurt is considered an unusual type of accommodation that provides more comfort than a regular tent. Generally, yurts are permanently set up and fully equipped, offering campers an unparalleled stay in nature in more than 50 campgrounds.

Sleep in a yurt


There’s a wide range of tents available for ready-to-camp, which means there’s something for every camper! There are tents mounted on platforms, prospector tents offering more comfort, even bubbles and domes that provide spectacular views of the starry night sky! Try them all and pick your favourite among 110 all the campgrounds!

Sleep in a tent


The tipi is an ingenious design—it protects from the cold and the heat, thanks to its insulated walls and ventilation system. This type of accommodation, traditionally designed and inhabited by Native North American tribes, is now a form of ready-to-camp unit offered in some 21 campgrounds in Quebec. Spend a night in a tipi!

Sleep in a tipi

Trailers and tent trailers

Trailers and tent trailers are designed for temporary living and are generally pulled behind a car. To introduce campers to this type of equipment, more and more campgrounds are offering fully equipped trailers or tent trailers for campers who don’t have recreational vehicles. It’s a practical way to try this style of camping without investing too much money! More than 200 campgrounds in Quebec offer nightly trailer or tent-trailer rentals.

Sleep in a trailer or in a tent trailer


Cabins, bubbles and domes perched in trees offer a totally unique camping experience! In addition to having a spectacular view, rest assured, you’ll have the ultimate nature experience sleeping in a treetop! There’s 11 campgrounds offering this type of accommodation, so what are you waiting for?

Sleep in a tree

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