Camping in Quebec

Campgrounds with recycling and composting


Recycling has become automatic for campers and for Quebeckers in general. More and more campgrounds are offering recycling in co-operation with their municipalities.

Many initiatives

In recent years, organizations have introduced programs to help campgrounds set up recycling. Since then many of the participating campgrounds have continued to offer this service.

More and more entrepreneurs, aware of their guests’ desire to respect the environment while they are camping, are taking the step of introducing recycling all on their own. Some campgrounds even mention it on their websites. Ask about it when you are looking for a campground and tell them what you would like!

Propane tanks don’t belong in the garbage

In addition to generating large amounts of greenhouse gases, propane tanks can’t go in the household recycling bin, and can’t be reused. How can you get rid of this hazardous waste?

Camping Québec suggests you keep your empty tanks and take them to your municipality’s recycling centre.

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