Camping in Quebec

Code of Conduct


All campers have to help maintain the quality of life on the campground where they are staying. For pet owners, this means a few extra obligations. Camping Québec suggests a basic code of conduct for campers with pets. (Note that we’ve used the masculine gender here for animals, to simplify things.)

Code of Conduct

  • Treat your pet well, and make sure his needs are satisfied. That way he won’t have any reason to disturb your campground neighbours.
  • Keep your pet on a leash at all times and keep an eye on him. Don’t tie your pet up (at the convenience store or snack bar or at your campsite) and leave him alone, even briefly.
  •  Never leave your pet alone unsupervised for long periods in your RV or vehicle.
  •  Make sure your dog behaves and isn’t constantly barking.
  •  Avoid the possibility of fights with other animals. When you meet other dogs in the campground, it is important that yours be on a leash.

  •  Be extremely careful around children, even if your pet isn’t usually aggressive. Keep him on a leash and under constant supervision when there are children around.
  •  Don’t force your pet on other campers. They may be hesitant, fearful or allergic.
  •  Make sure you know the campground rules concerning pets. Before taking your pet along on an activity, make sure he is allowed on the site (pool, hiking trail, beach, etc.).
  •  Always have plastic bags with you, to pick up after your pet.

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