Camping in Quebec

Tips for camping with pets


Your pet isn’t a born camper! If you want him to share your daily routine at the campground, start training him early to give him the best possible habits.

A reassuring routine

But training isn’t enough. Although some campers are constantly on the go, their pets need stability and routine. Take along some familiar items: his toys, blanket, bed, food and water bowls, etc.

Make sure you also take along enough of his usual food. Dogs and cats sometimes react badly to a change in diet. Along with a bit of stress, this seemingly minor adjustment can cause a lot of trouble!

A daily routine

A daily routine is also important. As much as possible, try to feed and walk your pet at regular times. And no matter how calm and well behaved your pet appears, he will appreciate frequent stops on long car trips. He can stretch his legs and relieve himself, which is sure to make the trip more enjoyable for you both when you get back in the car.

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