Camping in Quebec

Do you get the camping blues in the winter? We have the cure for you!

If you’re like a lot of campers, the end of the camping season, the winterizing of your recreational vehicle or the storing of your tent marks the looming start of a new season: the camping blues during the long winter months...

Maybe you’re one of those people who suffer in agony until the spring, while you wait to get back to the campgrounds. Maybe you’re one of those people who even hate the winter because you can’t practice your favourite activity?

But what would you say to winter camping? A lot of people say that to better appreciate the cold season, you have to do activities that let you experience winter in all its splendour.

Do you like camping? In addition to buying the proper equipment to go camping in the cold season, you should find some activities you enjoy doing to get out and breathe the fresh (cold) air!

Here are some ideas:

1. Combine a winter sport with camping

Lots of winter activities or sports go hand in hand with camping. Be it snowshoeing, downhill or cross-country skiing, hiking through the forest, ice fishing or snowmobiling, these activities are all great for enjoying the cold weather and sleeping out of the house!

Plenty of campers love transporting their gear to places where they can play a sport or do an activity that only our beautiful Quebec climate allows (or almost)!

2. Try different kinds of camping

When people think of “winter camping,” they immediately envision camping in a tent, wrapped up in a mummy sleeping bag, and the very act of going to the washroom seems like an Olympic feat!

While you could opt for a tent, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy winter camping that are a bit less... extreme!

For example, if you own a recreational vehicle, you can use it during the winter season by taking just a few precautions. Of course, you won’t be able to use the RV’s water or toilet during your trips, because the plumbing will have been winterized for obvious reasons. Likewise, your heating system should be adapted for cold temperatures (make sure to follow the basic safety rules!). Lastly, make sure your RV has an exhaust vent and air exchange to prevent too much condensation from forming inside your vehicle.

There are lots of great ways to camp comfortably during the winter season. Be it camping in a hut during a snowshoeing excursion, or camping in the turnkey chalets that are offered in numerous campgrounds or parks, winter camping can take many different forms, depending on what you need.

3. Relax in a campground, even in winter!

Last but not least… we know that winter camping is a bit more demanding and may sometimes require some clever packing and organizing, but it’s important to find different ways to get back to what we love about camping: relaxation and a change of scenery! Whether it’s a sitting by a comforting fire, having a hot drink while you chat and watch the snow fall, or spending the night relaxing under the moon and stars, camping should always do you good! It’s up to you to find activities that you enjoy...

In short, if you’re an avid camper, you can use the cold season to do some camping that’s a bit different from the norm, but just as fun and relaxing!

Visit our website and choose the “Open Year-Round” campgrounds in the search engine to make your selection.

Happy winter!

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