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Camping in tents: what motivates the campers?


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Camping in recreational vehicles is becoming more and more popular, year after year. The amount of vehicles sold and registered, the significant number of different RV shows, the increase in camping and RV groups on social networks… it seems that Quebeckers are trending more and more towards this style of camping, and with good reason: recreational vehicles offer comfort, equipment, easy cooking and food storage.

It’s not surprising then that more and more families, couples or singles, young and old, are opting for recreational vehicles.

Still, there are certain pleasures of camping in tents that can never be replicated in recreational vehicles. Many motorhome and travel-trailer enthusiasts keep tents on hand for a totally different camping experience.

Their motivation:

1. Campgrounds or areas accessible by tent only

Many campgrounds in Québec have areas reserved for camping in tents. With more restricted access (sometimes only accessible by canoe!), nature is more abundant, as fewer trees have been cleared to make way for big equipment. This means there’s also more privacy between campsites. Quite simply, these quiet spots are paradise!

Use our search tool to find campgrounds in Québec and choose “tent only” to explore different options for your next bookings. Some sixty campgrounds in Québec are accessible by tent only!

2. Sleeping to the sounds of nature

Camping in tents certainly has the advantage of being more rustic than camping in recreational vehicles. Without walls or insulation surrounding you, you’ll be lulled to sleep by the ribbit of frogs and the cries of wild animals, and wake to the singing of birds in the morning.

Far from the sounds of the city or your air conditioner!

3. Sleeping under the stars

One of the great joys of camping in tents is sleeping without the protective fabric that usually covers your tent’s mosquito netting. The only thing more relaxing than sleeping while protected from mosquitoes and other insects is admiring the beautiful trees and magnificent stars above your head, feeling the soft breeze on your skin, and breathing in the fresh forest air as you sleep.

It’s probably the closest you can get to sleeping outside under the stars!

4. Travelling light and venturing out a moment's notice

Yet another advantage of camping in tents is how quickly and easily you can pack up your gear and head out on an adventure. There’s no trailer to hitch before you leave, nothing to secure inside a motorhome before you start moving! If you’re well organized and your equipment is on hand and packed in containers, you can pick up and go at the drop of a hat!

For campers who don’t own equipment, plenty of campgrounds also offer ready-to-camp options for tents. Just bring your clothes, bedding and food, and you’re all set! Find out more!

Some people will say that you can experience rustic camping with some types of RVs, like tent trailers or hybrid travel trailers, which are a good compromise between comfort and experiencing rustic camping and the outdoors. But purists will tell you that nothing compares to nights spent under the thin veil of a tent.

So we can agree, camping means something different to everyone! Above all, camping is freedom. But if you have the urge to try something new and experience everything that camping in tents has to offer, go ahead! Pitch a tent ;)

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