Camping in Quebec

Never without my tent!


Are tents your thing? Did you know that some campgrounds are intended just for you? In fact, some fifty Quebec campgrounds are for tents only.

The Quebec Campground Guide is also an excellent way to find out more about a given campground (percentage of shade, whether there is a lake or river, percentage of travelling campers, the number of sites and the type of activities, etc.). You can see whether the campground is intended for nature and outdoor lovers and whether it offers sports like kayaking, cycling, hiking, horseback riding and so on. You’ll also find a list of campgrounds for tents only on pages 35 and 192 of the 2015 edition.

Hang up, switch off, and connect with nature!

Tent-only campgrounds generally have a more rustic atmosphere and offer fewer services, which is why they most often have from 0 to 2 stars. So to simplify your preparations, it’s best to check the services offered at the campground. For example, you’ll need to keep in mind that running drinking water is available at only about half of tent-only campgrounds. Cellphone coverage and Internet access may also be limited in many places, because of the deep woods, high mountains and their distance from large cities. Of course, this can be an attractive feature if you’re looking to temporarily escape all the electronic gadgets that rule our lives!

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