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Beanbag toss, in short


Beanbag toss, in short

Two or four players. To earn points, players take turns throwing a corn-filled bag at the target box. Each team throws five bags for each round. Three points are awarded for a bag that goes straight into the hole, and one point for a bag that remains on the target box. Only one team can score points per round, because points cancel each other out. The winning team must reach 21 points.

Basic rules

The boxes must be set 25 feet apart, measured from the hole.

A player cannot step past his or her team’s box (the foul line) when tossing. A foul toss is cancelled and may not be replayed.

A bag that touches the ground before reaching the target box is considered dead, and must be removed before play continues.

The dimensions of the target boxes are as follows, whether or not they are foldable:
  • The front of the box is 6 inches off the ground
  • The back of the box is 12 inches off the ground
  • The box is 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall
  • The box must be tilted 9 to 10 degrees
  • Only one hole, 6 inches across, with its centre 10 inches from the top and centred horizontally
  • If the box is varnished, satin finish must be used so that the box will not be too slippery
  • Bean bags are square, 6 inches per side, filled with corn (about 420 grams)

For more details

For more details (in French), visit the ANP (Association Nationale de Poches) website.

For news and events, visit the ANP Facebook page.

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