Camping in Quebec

When camping and water go hand to hand...


For many, camping is often a synonym for idleness. We settle in, relax, take our time…

But for others, camping is the ideal opportunity to get out and move, to do interesting activities! Even in a relaxing setting, it’s good to stretch your legs a little!

Of all the fun things to do when camping, water activities definitely rank among the most popular. With many of our Québec campgrounds located near stretches of water, there are plenty of opportunities to amuse yourselves… like fish in water!

Be it canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, paddle boating, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding or swimming, what matters is that you soak up all the pleasures that Québec has to offer.

Here are some tips for taking full advantage of the water during your next camping trips...

1. Choose your campground

When booking a campground, take the time to do some research in order to make sure you’re choosing a destination that offers the activities you want to do. Our online campground-selection tool lets you find campgrounds that offer water activities.

Don’t hesitate to contact the campgrounds you’re interested in. The owners will be more than happy to tell you about everything you can do once you’re on site.

2. Rent or purchase your small craft?

If you like small crafts, whatever they may be, you may not need to buy them. In addition to all the camping equipment you’ll need for your trip, adding a canoe, motor boat or paddle boat and all their accessories can become a major burden.

A lot of campgrounds have equipment available to rent. There’s no maintenance or transportation on your part, and everything is there at your disposal for just a few dollars more.

3. The bliss of relaxing at a campsite after a beautiful day on the water

If you do water sports, then you know the absolute satisfaction of spending a whole day on the water, then coming back to a campsite to relax in front of a good fire.

If camping is for relaxing, relaxation is all the more satisfying when it’s earned!

4. Safety first

Whatever activity you choose to do, always put safety first. Have all the necessary information before you head out on the water, always wear the recommended flotation devices, and check the size and weight limit of everyone’s life jacket.

Water activities are fun, but they come with their share of risks…

Any time your vacation plans include water activities, it’s a good idea to check the water quality before you leave, to avoid any disappointments when you arrive. Here’s an interesting link on the subject:

No matter where you travel in Québec, consider combining camping and water activities! Our province is abounding with magnificent lakes and rivers just begging to be explored.

Happy camping and swimming!

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