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Campground water quality

Municipalities and campgrounds in Quebec are all subject to the same Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water. These very strict standards apply to all public and private water distribution systems, to ensure that everyone has access to quality water at all times.

You can’t do without drinking water!

Standards to be respected

Campgrounds must make certain inspections every day and follow a strict sampling schedule. They have their samples analyzed by independent laboratories, to provide regular proof of water quality to the Quebec department responsible for sustainable development, the environment, wildlife and parks (MDDEFP).

The vast majority of campgrounds in Quebec are able to provide drinking water at all their taps. The very rare seasonal campgrounds whose running water does not meet government standards are required to display a “non-drinking water” symbol at their taps. Such campgrounds normally distribute free bottled water at their reception facilities.

You can help

Some RVers forget to regularly change the water in their tanks, and this can encourage bacteria. When they connect their RVs to a campground drinking water system, they can contaminate it.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you change the water in your tanks regularly, and install a check valve. Just attach it to your hose before hooking it up, to avoid contaminating the entire campground water system! It’s a simple and inexpensive solution (about $15 in major hardware stores) that can avoid many problems for campgrounds and municipalities that provide you with high-quality water.

Quality of bathing water

Campgrounds must also have the water in their swimming pools analyzed regularly by a laboratory accredited by the MDDELCC, for turbidity (presence of suspended matter) and coliform bacteria.

Campground managers take daily measurements of chlorine, pH, clarity and temperature of swimming pool water. They must also check the alkalinity every week. If the water does not meet government standards, the swimming pool must be closed until the problem is solved.

The water in lakes and rivers next to campgrounds is analyzed periodically by MDDELCC technicians to ensure that it is fit for swimming. If there is blue-green algae or the coliform count is too high, beaches are closed until the problem is solved.

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