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Preparing your RV in the spring


Preparing your RV in the spring

After being put away for several months, your RV certainly wants to hit the road again. Before your trip, here are several points to inspect to put your RV back into service in the spring!

Make sure the vehicle is watertight

During the winter, freezing and thawing may have created minor infiltrations that compromise the integrity of the vehicle over time. Do a thorough visual inspection of your vehicle and make sure the seals are watertight. If necessary, use sealant to ensure your RV is in good condition all summer long!

“Dewinterize” your vehicle

Storing your vehicle for the winter usually requires antifreeze, especially if the RV spends the winter outside in the cold. When nighttime temperatures exceed the freezing point, you will need to get rid of this liquid. To do so, open the sink faucets and flush the toilet several times until the water is no longer tainted with antifreeze. The antifreeze liquid will be drained the next time you empty the wastewater tank.

Ventilate the vehicle

After several months of confinement, the inside of your vehicle may be filled with a stale smell. On a sunny day, leave doors and windows open to ventilate your RV. You can also light a few candles and do a good cleaning of the interior to restore the original smell.

Give your RV a makeover

To refresh your RV, simply clean it and wax the exterior. If you want to offer royal treatment to your second home, you can visit an ACVRQ accredited dealer that offers this service.

Make final preparations

Check the level of propane in the cylinders, the tire pressure and the condition of the battery. In addition, make sure all your accessories, such as crockery, utensils, camping chairs and (especially) marshmallows are in the RV, ready to take part in the adventure.

Happy season 2019 to all RV lovers!

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