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Family life on road: How to educate your children?


More and more families are hitting the road for a few months in order to show their children the world (and to discover it for themselves, too!). And while going abroad is always an option, Québec offers six magnificent months during which you can travel comfortably and explore a variety of regions and landscapes, which are so plentiful in our beautiful province.

Whenever people decide to embark on these adventures, one question often comes up: how do you continue your children’s education during this break—education that is mandatory in Québec?

Here a three tips to help you out.

Even if you’re not a teacher by trade, there are plenty of ways to keep your little protégés from falling behind in their schooling!

1. Exercise books - modules

A lot of publishers have exercise books, which your children can use to follow subjects in short modules and do exercises in order to acquire the necessary skills in mathematics, science, French, English, social sciences, etc.

These exercises will allow your children to continue their studies, and prepare for their final exams or prepare the portfolio required by some school boards.

The huge advantage of these exercise books is that your kids can work at their own pace. They could even work ahead in a subject if they’re feeling particularly inspired by a module!

For your part, all you have to do is monitor your children’s progress, the concepts they learn, and make sure they’re keeping up with their study schedule.

2. Online tutors

With the technology available today, you can easily hire an online tutor. This person can become your resource in case you have any questions about the curriculum and learning requirements, or in case of any difficulties.

Not only are these tutors experts in your children’s education, but they can also prepare learning and test situations that will allow your little learners to experience the same evaluation setting as their chums in school. Just a quick e-mail and your tutor can correct your children’s work!

You can even arrange weekly meetings via videoconference in order to make sure you’re on track to complete the academic program while you travel.

3. Use every oppotunity to learn!

We all know that learning isn’t done through books alone. Use every excuse on your trip to teach your kids new things! Have them calculate itineraries and travel costs; keep to a grocery budget; do activities in museums; research geographical formations before visiting picturesque settings; help set up campsites; use travel technologies; etc.

Teach arts and crafts on a picnic table beside the Richelieu River; physical education as you hike through the forest of Mount Tremblant; astronomy in front of the Perseids in Mégantic; zoology in the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve; agriculture in the middle of a field in the Saint Lawrence Valley; history at the Citadelle de Québec; mining in the Malartic; science at the Montreal Science Centre; in short, make Québec your classroom for the summer!

To learn more about homeschooling in Québec, don’t hesitate to read up on Bill 144, adopted November 9, 2017, which facilitates this alternative method of educating your children.

On that note, bon voyage and happy school year!

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