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3 tips to winterize your RV


3 tips to winterize your RV

Fall is here, and for many RV owners, that means it’s time to store your precious summer home until next spring. 

Winterizing your RV protects it against the harsh elements and helps ensure it’s ready to go for your next adventure.  And if done properly, it can help prolong the numbers of years your vehicle is on the road.

Step one

Unless it is kept inside a heated building, the top priority is to protect the RV water systems from freezing.  This involves the fresh water lines, water heater, waste tanks and drains, and the icemaker, washing machine and dishwasher if you have those.

There are two methods for winterizing the fresh water system :  The Antifreeze Method where you add enough antifreeze to the water in the system to prevent freezing in the winter season, or the Blow-out Method, where you remove all water from the system altogether using compressed air.

 Step two

While you likely know that throughout the summer you should wash your vehicle frequently after trips, a deeper clean is recommended prior to winter storage.

Step three

Finally, keep your RV protected from the elements by keeping it in covered or indoor storage.  Never cover it with a tarp or non-breathable fabric, as moisture condensation can be extremely damaging.


Once you’ve taken your last getaway of the season, Go RVing Canada also recommends servicing by a qualified RV service centre.  While this isn’t essential for the end of the season, some Rvers prefer to do it then instead of early in the spring.  That way, you’re ready to hit the road and see the country right away.


Source :  Canadian RVing, November / December 2017

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