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By Jean-Luc Théberge, author of the Guide du petit campeur québécois

Space is often at a premium in RVs, so it’s important to always put things away in the same place, to make it easy to find them. Over time, you learn to keep what you use most often ready to hand.

Extension cords, folding chairs, etc., should all have a designated spot. Most campers know what it’s like to have to hunt for their keys or some other item because they didn’t leave it in the usual place. It’s not easy to stay calm when that happens!

It’s surprising how things can shift around when you’re on the road. Make sure that everything is as stable as possible both inside and on the outside of your RV. And try to avoid glass jars as much as possible. 

Knowing where to find things

Headlamps, insect repellent and suntan lotion should always be kept in the same cupboard, where everyone can reach them. When you’re about to head outside, they’ll be easy to find. Organization is key when you’re camping. Otherwise you’ll constantly be looking for stuff – not always easy, especially with kids around.

Every family member can keep look after his or her own bag of clothes. This will avoid lots of hunting for things (especially by parents). Blankets for sitting around the campfire, towels, face cloths, etc., should already be stored in a cupboard in your RV. Clothing bags should always be kept in the same place, as much as possible.

Get the kids involved, too

As soon as children are old enough to understand, they must be taught to put things back where they found them. As they get older, give them their own jobs: looking after their own luggage, or taking care of younger siblings while you’re setting up or taking down the campsite. This lets them feel involved, so that they can say “We go camping” and not just “My parents take me camping.”

It will take a few days to get back into the habit every summer. But organization is essential if you don’t want to spend all your time looking for things. Your RV must be as functional as possible. When you change to another model, of course, you’ll have to decide on a whole new storage system.

Fortunately, your organization will usually improve over time!

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