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6 tips for camping with small children


6 tips for camping with small children

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of life? Want to get the kids out into nature? Then pack up the car, it’s time to go camping! But anything with small children requires a bit more planning. Here’s 6 tips for camping with small children that will help you prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

Tip #1: camp in the backyard

While it might sound strange, one great way to help small children to prepare for camping is to practice sleeping in a tent by pitching a tent in the backyard (or even inside your home) and let the kids hang out, play and even sleep in it. If you plan on using a trailer or RV, let them roam, explore and play in it. The more comfortable they get sleeping in a tent or RV, the easier it will be when you get to the campsite.

Tip #2: dedicate a dufflebag

Want to get your kids involved? Give them a duffle bag and ask them to pack their own stash of toys and treasures that they’d like to take on the camping trip. By packing their own bag, your children will feel involved with the whole process and this builds excitement for the adventure ahead. Also, the dufflebag acts as a toy corral—so when the campsite is looking a little cluttered, just ask your kids to clean up by putting their own toys back in their own duffelbag.

Tip #3: bring entertainment

It’s always a good idea to pack entertainment. Include books, toys, games, crayons and paper, as well as activities, such as bean bags to toss. If suitable, consider taking bicycles and helmets that will let your kids explore a bit on their own, or as a family.

Tip #4: remember the medical kit

Small children can be more sensitive, so don’t forget to pack a well-stocked medical kit. Include insect repellent, ointment to stop stings or bug bites from hurting, bandaids as well as over-the-counter medicine for fevers and don’t forget the Benedryl. You’ll also want to add in sunblock, aloe vera gel as well as hand sanitizer and moisturizer.

Tip #5: get organized and orientated

Found your perfect campsite? Then, it’s time to get organized. By finding a home for things, such as kitchen goods, toys and even swimwear, you have a better chance of keeping the site clean and not losing anything. Remember, to show your children where things are kept and get them involved. Give them campsite chores, such as gathering wood or collecting water.

Also, help your kids memorize the number of the campsite or point out landmarks—we are four spots up from the washrooms—to help them remember their campsite location. That way they won’t get lost if they do wander off.

Tip #6: get out and about

If you’re children find it difficult to adjust to camping life, consider breaking up the rough-and-rugged routine with a daytrip. Going to a waterpark or seeing an historic site is a great way to get them interested in their surroundings or consider taking them to a pizza parlour or to get an ice-cream. Even simple pleasures are magical when you’re on a family camping trip.

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