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There is an almost infinite variety of models of tents and RVs out there. Take the time to shop around and ask questions before making a decision. You can also try turnkey camping to get a taste of camping and decide what suits you best.

For all tastes and budgets


One of the world’s oldest types of shelter still has millions of fans: the tent! They can hold from one to twelve people, and can feature one or more vestibules and even a screened-in cooking area. Tents are perfect for those seeking close contact with nature.


Tent trailers fold up into a trailer for transportation and storage. They are light, easy to pull, inexpensive and ideal for young families looking for a degree of comfort when they go camping.

Truck camper

A truck camper or pickup camper sits on the back of a truck. Choose a model that suits your vehicle, and you’ll appreciate its convenience. Great for comfortable off-road camping!

Classic trailer and fifth wheel

These two types of RVs have to be pulled by a sturdy vehicle. The fifth wheel attaches to the truck bed, while a traditional trailer can also be pulled by a sport utility vehicle (SUV). With a kitchen, bedroom(s), audio-video space and storage, your RV will be a peaceful, comfortable haven.


There are three classes of motorhomes: A, B and C.

Class A motorhomes

These models look a bit like a bus from the outside, and a condo from the inside. They come will every luxury you can think of. Spacious extensions, queen or king-size beds, flat-screen TVs, high-quality materials… the possibilities are endless!

Class B and C motorhomes

These are actually modified vans, with raised roofs, lowered floors, sleeping spaces, showers, kitchenette, etc. They manage to pack in all the comforts of a tiny home. Amazing, isn’t it? They’re as easy to drive as a regular van, and can be parked anywhere. Class C vehicles are a bit more luxurious, with a sleeping space above the cab. They may be less impressive than a class A motorhome, but they’re easier on the pocketbook!

For more information (in French) on RVs or where to start shopping, visit the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec website. 

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