Tips and advice

The fruits of experience

With experience, campers gather tips and ideas for making their trips more efficient and economical. Some examples below.

Learning from experience

For RV owners

Safety and storage

Life in a moving home can sometimes have some drawbacks. Be prepared, for greater peace of mind.

  • Always take along one or two fluorescent safety triangles and a few fluorescent vests. If you have an accident or a breakdown, these are better for signalling your presence to other drivers than a simple flashlight. 
  • Are you tired of finding containers tipped over in the fridge or spice jars spilled all over the cupboard? Here’s an idea: use wine boxes to store your juice or salad dressing bottles. Just cut off the top third of the box to get a multi-compartment storage container. Move the dividers around to make room for two-litre containers. 
  • An egg carton can be modified to hold spice jars or medications. 
  • Adhesive Velcro strips are great for attaching all kinds of things to walls or the back of the cupboard.

For tent campers 

The never-ending fight against water 

Experienced campers know that plastic bags and waterproof tarpaulins are faithful friends.

  • Put your clothing and sleeping bag in a garbage bag before stuffing it into your backpack or a storage pocket. 
  • Always keep your tourist guides, travel journals and camera in a Ziploc-type sealable plastic bag. 
  • Spread a tarp out on the ground before setting up your tent, for help keeping the heat in and the water out. 
  • Stretch a tarp between trees over your picnic table, to make a dry outdoor shelter when it rains. 

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