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The camper’s essential toolkit


The camper’s essential toolkit

By Jean-Luc Théberge, author of the Guide du petit campeur québécois 


Whenever you’re camping, in a park or elsewhere, you can always expect something to break, sometime. That’s when your toolkit becomes your best friend, especially on Sunday in a park far away from anywhere!


Your RV is your home when you’re camping. Since space is often at a premium, bring only the essentials. Leave your mitre box at home!


Bring good-quality tools – there’s nothing more frustrating than a tool that breaks just when you need it most. Two sizes of adjustable wrenches means you won’t have to bring a selection of wrenches of all sizes.


This little toolkit should always be kept in the same place in your car or RV.


  • Adjustable wrenches, one large and one small 
  • 30-amp adapters for hooking up your RV at campgrounds 
  • Small hammer
  • Some pipe flanges
  • Screwdriver with a selection of bits
  • Several lengths of tie wraps
  • Small multimeter
  • Alligator clips and wire-cutting pliers
  • Crowbar
  • Measuring tape
  • Electrical tape
  • Pipe wrench
  • Small level
  • Pressure gauge
  • Allen keys
  • Chain oil
  • Good-quality bungee cords
  • Lug wrench 
  • Grease cleaner
  • Power bar (in the RV)
  • Extension cords (in the RV)
  • Swiss army knife

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