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7 things to buy after buying your first RV

You did it. You bought your first RV! Now you’re ready to hit the road, right? Not so fast. 

Now you need to spend some time and a bit more money on buying some necessary supplies. 

Here are some veteran tested tips on the 7 things you need to buy after buying your first RV.

Start with cleaning supplies

First, stock up on cleaning supplies. A quick list should include: dish soap, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, degreaser, paper towel, dish towels, as well as an all-purpose cleaner. You’ll also need to purchase RV-specific toilet paper (it’s safer for your RV’s black water tank), as well as RV-specific holding tank chemicals (designed to help with unpleasant odours that come from the black water tank).

Think sweet dreams (and warm showers)

One of the best parts about RVing is that no matter where you go, you have the comforts of home. But before you can lay your head down, you’ll need to outfit your RV with linens.

You’ll need to buy sheets, pillow and a blanket for each bed as well as bath towels for the bathroom. But don’t buy anything until you’ve measured the beds! That’s because even if an RV is advertised as a deluxe queen-bed model, the bed might not be a standard size. To be sure, measure each mattress. If the beds are standard sizes, you can buy linen from anywhere. If not, you may need to purchase your bedding from an RV specialty store or have linens custom-made.

Meal time

Want to entertain your family and friends at the campsite? Then you’ll need a few meal time supplies. While you could use supplies from your home just remember that with an RV kitchen you’ll want to avoid buying or using anything that can easily break—because, for at least a portion of the time, your kitchen will be on the move. Also, remember that space is a bit more limited in your RV kitchen, so consider multi-purpose items. For example, cast iron pans can be used inside the RV as well as on a campfire. Also, don’t forget to buy outdoor furniture that can fold away for easy storage.

Basic toolkit

It’s always a good idea to buy and stock a basic toolkit, just in case. Keep a separate toolbox in your RV complete with: screw drivers, sockets, hammer, pliers and wrenches. Also, consider stocking your toolkit with extra extension cords and extra fuses.

Get level

While your motorhome will come with leveling jacks, it’s always a good idea—and good manners—to put boards under those leveling jack so you don’t chew up the ground under your RV. You can buy boards, as well as wood blocks if your RV didn’t come with leveling jacks, at any RV specialty store.

Tire covers

It doesn’t matter what type of RV you have, you’ll need to take care of your tires. Carry a tire gauge so you can check the pressure in your tires and buy tire covers to protect your tires when you get to your destination. Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage RV tires. But these inexpensive covers can protect your tires and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Can RV supplies get expensive?

Yes, but you can shop around. Remember, you’ve got years of enjoyment ahead of you with your RV, and the supplies you purchase make your RV experience that much more enjoyable.

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