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Six essential items you should always have in an RV


Six essential items you should always have in an RV

To keep you out of trouble and make you seasoned campers, we've put together a list of handy items to have with you at any time when you hit the road with your RV.

Levelling blocks

Retailing around $60, these blocks will provide better stability. By upgrading your vehicle, you will also make sure that your refrigerator is working properly and that objects in the living area are not moving unnecessarily.


Avoid being trapped: before going RVing, make sure you have enough propane for the entire trip. If in doubt, carry a spare bottle: it will never be lost.

First aid kit

Make sure you always have a first aid kit on hand. It should contain enough items to disinfect a wound and make emergency dressings. Check the contents of your kit and its expiry date before leaving to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Roadside assistance card

The last thing you want is your RV to break down. However, should this happen, a roadside assistance service will help you. Leclerc Assurances et Services Financiers are among the superheroes of the road that offer this service.


Often overlooked, the headlamp is essential for a ride in a recreational vehicle. Always have one handy, whether you want to walk the night at the campsite or to guide you in the RV without waking everyone up.


Having good sunscreen is essential for a successful RV trip. Make sure you have the right protection for everyone travelling with you. Note: it is more expensive to buy it at a beachside shop. Save money by buying your sunscreen before leaving!
We invite you to visit the ACVRQ accredited dealer closest to you to discover a multitude of other useful accessories for your travels.

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