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Camping cookery

Cooking on a campsite can be a real headache, especially if you’re not well prepared. The trick is to think ahead, whether you’re looking for a change from the usual hotdogs or aiming for better nutrition.

Eating well to make the most of your vacation

Managing an RV refrigerator: from the fridge to the grill

Experienced campers know that Ziploc-type plastic bags are their best friends! They are not only waterproof, but also help save space and are perfect for marinades. Plan ahead by filling a bag with meat (steak, chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, etc.) and your favourite marinade (oil, vinegar, lemon juice, spices, wine, etc.). If you want to keep them for longer than two days and save space, lay them flat and freeze them.

Preserves just like grandma used to make

If you are good at making home preserves, you’re all ready to take your favourite meals along when you go camping! From stew to spaghetti sauce, chili and jam, there’s no end of possibilities. And you can keep the jars in the cupboard, without overloading the fridge. You’ll find plenty of books on preserves at your local library. And check out this complete and humorous blog by a Montrealer (in French).

Fast, fantastic breakfasts

Are you tired of the usual toast, cereal and fried eggs? It’s easy to whip up some pancakes or waffles, even when you’re camping. Before you leave, mix up the dry ingredients and place them in plastic bags. Identify the bags carefully, and mark down any other ingredients and the quantities you’ll need. Then, some morning when you feel like pancakes, just add eggs, milk and butter.

Impress your friends by cooking over (or under) the coals
Campers’ forums, including the Camping Québec forum, are full of original and sometimes surprising tips on ways to impress your neighbours and visitors. Read them and learn how to cook a ham or pork and beans in a hole under your campfire, how to cook a chicken on a beer can, and lots more!

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