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RV’s height : Pay attention


Hitting Gas Station Overhangs and Bridges

You’d be surprised how many claims are the result of forgetting an RV’s height.

Getting lodged under a gas station overhang, bridge or other overhead obstruction is no joke.

In order to avoid this typical accident, create a constant reminder by posting a sticky note with your RV’s height on your dashboard and be sure to take into account any antennas or other rooftop attachments.

If you do incur damage because of inadequate clearance or other mishap on the road or at the campground, your insurer, Aviva, will work with you to have the repairs completed as quickly and conveniently as possible based on your needs.

We have an extensive network of appraisers to inspect your RV at any location. We will also work with the repair facility of your choice. And if you do find yourself stranded, emergency expense allowance will even help pay for meals, lodging and travel expenses.

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