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Safe RV travel : The Importance of Tire Maintenance


The Importance of Tire Maintenance

By Leclerc Assurances et Services Financiers

Tire pressure

It is essential to always check the tire pressure before traveling with your RV because, as you know, they will have to carry a heavy load.

No one wants to experience a tire blow-out and have to properly maneuver his RV onto the shoulder. We all know that this is nothing like the same manoeuver with a car.

Important precision: Always check the pressure on a cold tire and not on a tire that has just traveled several kilometers. The reason is very simple: with a warm tire, heat increases the pressure and thus giving a false reading. 

Standing still

The other danger comes from a perception that if a tire is almost not used, it is automatically in good condition. Big mistake.

In fact, it is even more damaging for a tire to stand still than to travel on a road.

Tires that are parked for long periods of time, especially on wet ground and in direct sunlight, deteriorate faster than those used regularly.

The date of manufacture

It is also recommended to replace any tire older than seven years, even if it still looks new. On older tires the rubber hardens and cracks and therefore has much less grip, especially on wet pavement.

The age of a tire is determined by the last four digits of the DOT code found on the sidewall of the tire. For example, for a code 5013, the first two digits refer to the week of manufacturing and the last two digits refer to the year, the 50th week of 2013.

And finally, you can help prevent damage from ozone and UV by washing your tires with mild soap and water and rubbing them with a soft brush. It is also recommended to keep the tires covered when the RV is not on the road.

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