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Refrigerator Fires and Propane Leaks


Refriferator Fires and Propane Leaks

We receive many claims a year that are due to refrigerator fires caused by malfunctions in the fridge’s cooling system. A rig can burn up in minutes as a result of these malfunctions.

This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the make/model and always be on the lookout for recalls. We wish here to bring to your attention the last recall on this subject.

We suggest that you stay in contact with propane appliance manufacturers. Bookmark the Website of the manufacturer that made your RV refrigerator, for example, and periodically go online to check for recalls or other safety information.

If you attend RV shows or “rallies,” stop by the booths of RV manufacturers and ask if there are any recalls that pertain to your fridge.

Basic Guidelines

Also be sure to follow these basic guidelines:
  • Never paint your tank a dark color.
  • Be sure your oven or stove burners are completely off when not in use.  
  • Make sure your engine and any propane appliances are turned off before refueling.  
  • Be certain that older propane tanks have an overfill protection device.  
  • Check exhaust and intake vents for any blockages.
  • Install a propane gas detector.
  • Do not drive with your refrigerator running on the propane setting.

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