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Spring maintenance for your RV


Spring maintenance for your RV

By Jean-Luc Théberge, author of the Guide du petit campeur québécois 

In the spring, before the season starts, a thorough inspection of your equipment can often prevent nasty surprises later on. Annual maintenance is essential, and your RV and automobile will need a tune-up so that you can make the most of the camping season.

Giving your RV a good wash will let you detect any leaks. Examine all joints inside and outside and any other places where water could make its way in.

A visit to your garage

Your automobile or motorhome is sure to benefit from a quick visit to your garage, to grease the wheel bearings and conduct a general inspection including the hitch ball, wire harness, propane tank, brakes, etc. Sometimes rust and corrosion can occur over the winter. A breakdown because of faulty maintenance can spoil your vacation, especially if it happens far from home.

Stocking up

Ideally, you should check the fridge and heater and check the cookware several days before you leave.

 Then you can buy basic food supplies and pack them in the RV. Many items, like pasta, salt and pepper, mustard, etc., can stay there all summer. 

Top up your propane, butane and other fuels to get ready for summer. Sleeping bags and blankets will also need washing in the spring.

 A few short outings will let you check whether all your supplies and equipment are in order, and to make any adjustments before longer trips.

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