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Picking berries or mushrooms? Don’t start a fire!


Preventing forest fires when picking berries and mushrooms

In Quebec, lots of people head for the woods in August in search of berries and wild mushrooms and to get a taste of the forest. 

Many forest fires also occur during this period, too, unfortunately, after the gatherers have been through. It’s important to remember that the low-growing, sparse vegetation where these tasty delights are found can easily catch fire.

Smokers beware

The provincial forest fire protection agency, SOPFEU, reminds smokers that they should not smoke while they’re in the woods gathering food. Take any smoking breaks in bare areas free of vegetation. Remember to thoroughly extinguish your cigarette, by stepping on the butt or crushing it on a rock. And then dispose of it in an appropriate place. 


Source: Société de protection des forêts contre le feu (SOPFEU), August 2016

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