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Driving a large motorhome is more like operating a bus than a simple passenger vehicle. And parking a long fifth wheel in a campsite is no easy job for a beginning RVer! 

Driving an RV: What you need to know

Yet according to the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), all you need to drive an RV is a simple passenger vehicle (class 5) licence.

But some rules apply, just the same, when it comes to road safety standards for RVs in Quebec. 

Road safety standards and RVs

Some rules apply to driving and towing a recreational vehicle (hitch, weight and dimensions, hazardous materials, mechanical condition). 

Make sure you know these rules before taking an RV on the road:

Download the summary of rules (in french)

Recognize this sign?

It means that all drivers to whom it applies must stop at the location indicated at the inspection station to check their brakes.

Does it apply to you?

This sign means that drivers of a vehicle or combination of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3,000 kg or more must check their vehicle’s brakes by stopping at the location indicated by an “Arrêt” sign.

Some examples:

• Recreational vehicle
• Pick-up with trailer
• Car with trailer
• Heavy vehicles (truck, pick-up, etc.)

* Gross vehicle weight is the net weight of the vehicle plus its load.


Offenders are subject to fines:
• Heavy vehicle: $350 plus costs
• Other vehicles: $100 plus costs

Download the summary (in French) 

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