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Warm weather is back and RVers are already looking forward to their very first outings of the season. Just as they do every year, Quebeckers will be covering thousands of kilometres as they explore our magnificent landscapes.

With you on the road

Emergency roadside assistance
You’ll be glad you had it!

Before you head out, we recommend that you check your RV insurance contract, and specifically the section relating to emergency roadside assistance. That way, if ever you have a breakdown, you’ll already know what services are covered and what conditions apply. Make sure you always have the telephone number of your emergency roadside assistance service handy, too. 

At Aviva Insurance, our GlobeTrotter and GlobeTrotter Plus plans cover up to three hours of towing service, to the closest garage within 250 kilometres. That’s much more than what most insurers currently offer, and an indisputable advantage if you’re travelling frequently or for long distances.

With you at your campsite

Aviva Insurance also offers all kinds of benefits* for seasonal campers, covering their RVs in the campground. Its Stationnaire Plus plan offers:

  •  extended all-risk coverage with no additional premium, authorizing you to travel with your RV for up to 15 days a year of the policy
  • protection for outbuildings, of up to 20% of the coverage for the RV
  • coverage for theft and attempted theft, vandalism and other harmful acts while the campground is closed

For more details, contact us at 1 800 567-0927.

For a successful camping and RVing season, insure your RV with the only expert in this field in Quebec: Leclerc Assurances et Services Financiers.

*Some conditions apply.

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