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Frequently Asked Questions : Camping in Québec

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Frequently Asked Questions : Camping in Québec

My family and I would like to rent a recreational vehicle (RV, mobile home, caravan) and explore Quebec by camping. Should we reserve campsites?
Yes. You are strongly advised to reserve, to avoid disappointments. Some campgrounds are in great demand and some periods, like the construction holidays (last week in July and first week in August), are very busy.

Quebec is a huge place and it is very important that you calculate driving distances between your destinations. Reserving one night in the Gaspé and another in the Eastern Townships means you would have to drive more than 800 km in a single day!
Are the campground prices in Quebec for individuals? If we are a family of four (two adults and two children), what price will we have to pay?
Prices charged in Quebec are per campsite, and not per person. For example, if you reserve a site with three services (water, sewer and electricity), the price of the site includes access to these three services. Although many campgrounds base their prices on a maximum of two adults and two children, the maximum number of adults and children varies from one campground to another. It is essential that you ask when making your reservation.

Some campgrounds, especially those in provincial or federal parks, may also charge access fees and parking fees. Ask when you make your reservation.

Remember to include miscellaneous expenses in your budget, too. For instance, many campgrounds charge for showers, so include a few dollars for that purpose. The same applies if you want to buy firewood for a campfire or take part in paid activities.
We have a tent trailer, but our kids would all like to sleep together in a tent. Can I set up a tent on my site?
Ask about the campground’s policy when you make your reservation. Some are happy to allow this, while others do not.

Can I bring my dog(s) to Quebec campgrounds?

Yes, over 600 campgrounds accept animals. Contact the campground before leaving home to ask about any possible charges or restrictions.

Note that guide dogs and helper dogs for people with physical disabilities are welcome at all times at all campgrounds, subject to certain conditions.

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I would like to reserve a campground for Saturday only, but the campground requires a minimum of three nights. Can a campground set a minimum number of nights?
Yes, a campground can require that you reserve a minimum number of nights, even if you want to stay only one night. Some campgrounds may decide to apply this rule for very busy weeks, while others may make it their reservation policy for the entire season.  

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