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To help you plan your stay, see the Tourisme Québec website . You can also order free tourist brochures and guides on the regions and attractions you’d like to visit. The printed and online versions of the Quebec Campground Guide are excellent references, too.


Quebec’s distinct seasons each have their special charms for campers: a refreshing spring that seems to bring nature back to life and injects new energy into Quebeckers; a hot and humid summer, when the sun stays up until late in the evening; a cool fall, with the spectacle of the world’s most magnificent multicoloured trees. To get an idea of average seasonal temperatures, see Quebec Original Website

 Winter is not the best time for camping in Quebec. Very few campgrounds are open at this time of year, since the temperature stubbornly remains below freezing. Most campgrounds are open from May to October.

Taxes and tips

In Quebec, sales tax (equivalent to European VAT) is not normally included in prices displayed in stores or on restaurant menus. It is about 15%. Foreign tourists can claim a reimbursement of tax paid, on presentation of receipts, when they leave.

Tips are also not included in prices. The normal tip in a restaurant is at least 15% of the bill before taxes, depending on your satisfaction with the service.


  • Anyone who holds a driver’s licence from outside Quebec can drive here for up to six months. If your licence is not in French or English, it is a good idea to get an international driver's licence.
  • It is forbidden to consume alcohol in a moving vehicle. For drivers, the maximum blood alcohol level is 80 mg. If you fail a breathalyzer test, your licence will be suspended for 30 days.
  • Everyone in a moving vehicle must wear a seatbelt.
  • A regular driver’s licence is all you need to drive most rental RVs.


North American outlets are 110 V, and are not compatible with European plugs. If you bring electric appliances from elsewhere, remember your adapter! 

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