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Campgrounds with the best poutines!

By Fadwa Lapierre, journalist

It’s summer, you’re allowed to indulge yourself! And when it comes to indulgent food, poutine is hard to beat. If you know some people visiting from outside the province, tell them about it! Some Quebec campgrounds do a mean job of preparing this comfort food. 

Everything home made at Camping Belle-Montagne

According to owner Claire Gariépy, the CBM poutine is simply the best. The secret sauce recipe has been making poutine connoisseurs’ mouths water for 17 years now! And it goes perfectly with their homemade pizza, too. The CBM cooks are proud of making everything themselves. In fact the poutine is so popular that the campground even delivers to homes nearby!

Poutine of the week, at the Parc de la Chute Ste-Agathe campground

You can get any combination you want at the Camping Parc de la Chute Ste-Agathe restaurant, in Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière. Every week, the menu features an original, delicious variety of poutine. There’s a forest mushroom sauce, sweet potato, kale, goat cheese, vegetables glazed with port... and lots more! The list of ingredients is simply amazing.

Unusual comfort food at Camping Parc de la Chute Ste-Agathe. The dishes are named for their staff members: for instance, Stef’s poutine, with sweet potatoes, kale, grilled sweet pepper, red onions and goat cheese, or Antoine’s poutine, a fiery concoction with a pepper and jalapeño sauce!

High-end poutine at Camping La Bannik

Duck poutine? Yes, it’s possible and it’s delicious. You have to try it when you’re at the La Bannik campground. The crispy fries are topped with duck confit, cheese curds fresh from the Fromage au Village cheese shop, and homemade pepper sauce. The campground owner, Nathalie Breton, promises that you won’t be disappointed!

Camping La Bannik has combined fine dining with Quebec’s favourite dish by adding duck confit and a homemade pepper sauce. 

Healthy poutine at Camping Le Rescapé

You can stop feeling guilty while savouring a delicious poutine. At the Le Rescapé campground Resto-Bar, you can get this popular dish with no French fries – but it’s still just as good. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Kwick-kwick cheese at Camping KOA Bas-Saint-Laurent

Why doesn’t poutine taste right outside Quebec? Because of the irreplaceable cheese curds! The restaurant at the Auberge 4 Saisons, associated with Camping KOA Bas-Saint-Laurent, knows all about it. Chef Ghislain Dubé makes top-quality poutines using fresh cheese from the Fromagerie des Basques, one of the best cheese producers in the province.

The all-dressed poutine from Camping KOA Bas-Saint-Laurent features some of the best cheese curds in Quebec. Try it while relaxing on the lovely terrace!

The secret sauces from Camping des Bois-Francs and Camping Bon-jour

It’s no use asking, the two campgrounds refuse to divulge the secret of the sauces that make their poutines unique. For Martin Guénette, of Camping des Bois-Francs, the best solution is to come and try for yourself. And Camping Bon-Jour is categorical: it has the best poutines around!

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