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Enjoy the fall colours while you camp!

We are so lucky to have the four seasons in Quebec! Each season offers its own pleasures, but when we think of the fall, it’s the be autiful colours of the leaves that come to mind.
For a few weeks every year, we have the pleasure of taking in the magnificent colours and basking in the unique autumn light. This is often when people use weekends to escape to nature and enjoy the colours of the trees.

Some people literally travel hundreds of kilometers to marvel at this spectacle of nature. But we campers can watch this spectacle as we extend our camping season as long as possible!
Here are some advantages to extending your adventures long into the fall:

Combine two fun activities

Gone are the days when the camping season absolutely had to end on Labour Day or Thanksgiving weekend! Plenty of campgrounds let you extend your season until the end of October and beyond.

And with the equipment we have today, it’s relatively easy to enjoy the beautiful fall months as you camp in comfort.

This way, you can combine camping with your love of fall colours.

Fall camping cocooning

With temperatures dropping in the colourful autumn season, camping becomes the perfect opportunity to cocoon. During the day, breathe the clean fresh air, bask in the sun that still warms your skin, enjoy the colours and activities. At night, climb into your equipment, adjust the thermostat and cozy up to your loved ones under a nice warm blanket.

And we can all agree, those who enjoy fall camping know the pure joy of being warm and comfortable inside, knowing that outside, the temperature is much more brisk.

Fewer campers and... insects

We love camping, but there are still certain advantages to enjoying fall to the max to practice this activity. Despite all the good things about camping during the hot season, there are often far fewer campers during September, October and November.

Not only will you have a bit more privacy, but you’ll also have your pick of the most beautiful campsites during your reservations.

Another undeniable fact is the lack of insects during the fall season. You’ll definitely need a warm blanket by the fireside, but you won’t need your bug spray!

In short, when you buy camping equipment, be it a tent or recreational vehicle, or even when you forego the equipment and take advantage of turnkey campsites instead, fall is an ideal season to increase your number of camping nights and improve your return on investment!

And these are just a few of the advantages that our fall campers experience by prolonging their season.

So, are we booking for fall?

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