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Camping in Quebec, for an unforgettable vacation!


With over 900 campgrounds all across the province, Quebec is the perfect place to spend your vacation. Whether you’re at the wheel of a recreational vehicle, paddling a canoe between campsites or enjoying turnkey camping in a yurt, it’s a form of recreation that suits every budget, just right for families, tourists and nature lovers.

A camping vacation is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with nature. Why not savour a meal cooked slowly over the fire, marvel at the starry constellations or take your kids on their first fishing trip? With its seemingly endless forests and mountains, thousands of lakes and rivers, varied wildlife and four distinct seasons, Quebec offers lots of unique and memorable outdoor experiences.

Explore Quebec’s tourist regions 

Quebec has so much to offer – start planning your camping vacation right now!

Activities for the whole family

As you camp your way across Quebec you’re sure to appreciate its rich culture, unique history and treasure trove of gastronomic pleasures. You’ll find bike paths, water parks, museums, interpretation centres, zoos, spas, vineyards and more. 

There are lots of activities right at the campground or nearby, and they’re a good starting point when you’re looking for a camping destination. When you start making a list of campgrounds, make sure you check out the activities available, too.

Find a campground

Looking for the ideal campground

Finding the right campground for your needs and expectations has never been so easy. You can use our Find a campground search engine to find exactly what you’re looking for, searching by availability, services, tourist regions, cities, activities and ambience! For instance, did you know that there are campgrounds for tents only?

You’ll also want to consult the latest Quebec Campground Guide, an indispensable tool for campers, listing 900 campgrounds by tourist region, with helpful maps.


Tips for finding the ideal campground

A campground that’s right for you: different types of campground

Great promotions

Camp in Quebec and take advantage of the different promotions offered by Camping Québec member campgrounds, including $50 weekends and low-season discounts. And why not offer friends and family members an original gift: Camping Québec gift certificates!

Take advantage of the different promotions offered by Camping Québec member campgrounds and the Satisfaction Guaranteed program.

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Equipment required

Should you camp in a tent or an RV? What equipment will you need? How should you organize your meals, and what should you bring along to keep the kids happy?

There’s a huge selection of campgrounds, and the same applies to equipment and camping options. See the following articles to help you decide: 

Would you like to enjoy the joys of camping without having to invest in all the equipment? Then turnkey camping is for you. Just bring your suitcase, your food and your favourite recreational gear! 

Learn about turnkey camping

Health and safety while camping

Better safe than sorry, as they say. Proper preparation, including knowledge of the basic safety rules, means a healthy, safe camping trip.

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First-aid kit

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