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Outdoor enthusiasts looking for nature and adventure

Whether you enjoy canoeing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, cycling, natural science or other pastimes, the Guide will help you plan your next outdoor getaway. Are tents your thing? Did you know that some campgrounds are intended just for you? Most of them have a more rustic atmosphere and offer fewer services. 

Liste of campgrounds with rustic atmosphere

To simplify your preparations, check the services offered at the campground. For example, you’ll need to keep in mind that drinking water is available at only about half of tent-only campgrounds. Cellphone coverage and Internet access may also be limited in many places, because of the deep woods, mountains and their distance from large cities.  

Adopting camping as a lifestyle

Did you know that seasonal camping is now so popular that it accounts for more than half of all campsites available in Quebec? More and more people are renting campsites not just for the whole season, but so that they can enjoy them every summer weekend, too. What could be better after a day stuck indoors than to relax around a campfire in the evening? 

Don’t get stuck on a waiting list – reserve your seasonal campsite as soon as possible!

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Vacation time is family time

Family camping is not only about the joys of discovering the plants and wildlife around you, but also the many different activities available at Quebec campgrounds. There’s fun for the whole family: playgrounds, sports, beaches, swimming pools, water games, hiking trails, bike paths, mini-golf courses, outdoor films… in short, something for every taste! Over the years, many campgrounds have become real family vacation villages.

List of family campgrounds

Camping is the ideal solution for budget-conscious families. It not only costs less than a hotel, but lets you make your own meals and save even more. 

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Yes, pets may be welcome at your campground!

Can’t imagine leaving home without your cat or dog? In fact, you can share the camping experience with your pet at over 600 campgrounds.

List of campgrounds Pets allowed with restrictions

Before reserving, though, make sure you know the campground’s rules concerning animals. Contact the campground to ask questions and get details. Remember to ask about any possible charges or restrictions.

It’s up to you to prepare your pet before you leave home to get along with strangers and other animals, using different training techniques. Your dog or cat will be around other animals, so it’s best to visit the vet ahead of time to get the proper vaccinations. 

Note that guide dogs and helper dogs for people with physical disabilities are welcome at all times at all campgrounds, subject to certain conditions.

Turnkey camping

For about ten years now, turnkey camping has been constantly gaining in popularity. It’s the perfect option for people looking for a certain degree of comfort without having to rent or buy and cart along all the equipment necessary, or for first-time campers or foreign visitors. 

List of campgrounds offer turnkey camping options

Just bring your suitcase, food and sports gear to get the most out of the great outdoors and camping, and avoid all the hassles! 

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