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Exclusive content from the 2019 Quebec campground Guide

Here, you will find exclusive content from the 2019 Quebec campground Guide. There is plenty of informations, tools, advices, tips and recipes about camping in Quebec to make sure you enjoy every minute of your trip!

Parkbridge, life is good!

If you’re an RV adventure lover, then you’ve likely experienced the fun of waking up in one campground only to drive a few hours to next camping stop on your list. Life is good!

With twelve Parkbridge RV Resorts in Quebec, you’ll feel right at home, even when you’re on the road! Make Parkbridge Resorts a part of your next journey as you explore and discover the landscapes and attractions throughout Quebec.

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Cooking while camping, Bob style

Whether you’re the woodland survivalist type, the tent-trailer type, or perhaps the glamping type, there is one ironclad certainty: Everybody has to eat at some point.

For some campers, meals are just an inconvenient necessity, and one that ideally takes up as little space as possible; preparation in this case is usually viewed as a gruelling ordeal. For others, camping is merely another excuse to put on a sumptuous, stuff-your-face feast - where the culinary becomes a celebration in itself.

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Exclusive recipes by Bob the Chef

Bob the Chef presents two bruschetta recipes. Perfect for camping lovers!

Bruschetta with seasonal vegetables

Presented by Bob the Chef

Bob the Chef presents a bruschetta with seasonal vegetables recipe. It's an easy camping recipe made with fresh and light ingredients.

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Bruschetta with chicken, cantaloupe salsa and pancetta

Presented by Bob the Chef

Bob the Chef is presenting an impressive bruschetta recipe with chicken, cantaloupe salsa and pancetta. A nice way to change from our classics camping dinner without any headache!

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ACVRQ: Beautiful days on the horizon

ACVRQ is constantly evolving, relying on the strength and dedication of its members to create a VR market with higher standards.

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Exclusive articles by the ACVRQ

Here we have two exclusives articles from the ACVRQ in the 2019 Quebec campground Guide.

Six items you should always have in an RV

By the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec

To keep you out of trouble and make you seasoned campers, we've put together a list of handy items to have with you at any time when you hit the road with your RV.

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Preparing your RV in the spring

By the Association des commerçants de véhicules récréatifs du Québec

After being put away for several months, your RV certainly wants to hit the road again. Before your trip, here are several points to inspect to put your RV back into service in the spring!

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Safe RV travel

Safe RV travel : the importance of tire maintenance

By Leclerc Assurances

It is essential to always check the tire pressure before traveling with your RV because, as you know, they will have to carry a heavy load. No one wants to experience a tire blow-out and have to properly maneuver his RV onto the shoulder. We all know that this is nothing like the same manoeuver with a car.

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