The Camping Québec team

To contact the Camping Québec team

Telephones: 1 800 363-0457 (toll free) or 450 651-7396
Fax: 450 651-7397

Line Pagé
Ext. 220

Naomie Richard (Rachel Bisaillon maternity leave replacement) 

Agent classification and association records
Ext. 236

Florence Samson 
Communications officer
Ext. 237

Joëlle McGurrin 
Communications Co-ordinator
Ext. 222

Marilyne Champagne
Communications Co-ordinator 
Ext. 223

Stéphanie Richer

Accounting Technician
Ext. 221

Isabelle Pothier
Advisor, Sales, Memberships and Partnerships
Ext. 229 

Julie Trahan
Director, Classification
Ext. 235 

Jean Lessard
Director, Technologies and Business Development
Ext. 226

Louis Jean
Deputy Executive Director
Ext. 224

Simon Tessier
President and Executive Director
Ext. 225