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Camping Québec is an association with 750 campground operator members from the private and public sectors who represent nearly 90% of the province’s campsites. Founded in 1962, its mission is to encourage and support the growth and development of the camping industry and promote camping as a recreational activity in Quebec.  In addition, Camping Québec is the body recognized by the Minister of Tourism for the classification of campgrounds in the province.  

 Message from the Chair of the Board

Board of Directors

Camping in Québec

In Quebec, camping is a recognized tourist product, offered by professional operators attentive to their clients’ needs, keeping on top of industry trends and increasingly applying sustainable development principles. 

Given its expertise, its commitment to quality and innovation, its ongoing communications and its services that are popular with both operators and campers, Camping Québec is the leading voice for its sector.


The Association des terrains de camping du Québec : serving operators for nearly 50 years!

The Association des terrains de camping du Québec was founded in 1962. The minutes of the very first general meeting of the Association, on October 16, 1961, read: “Given the Herculean shift toward camping in the tourism field, it is high time for the Province of Quebec to catch up and take steps to keep camping enthusiasts here and attract the 7 million Americans who are devoted to the great outdoors.” 

Thanks to the solid foundation laid by the original members, the Association has lasted for decades. From some sixty members when it was born, Camping Québec has now grown to over 750. Close to 50 years later, Camping Québec is still pursuing its mission and continues to work to promote camping in Quebec and to defend its members’ interests.

The Québec Campground Guide through the years

The Campground Guide through the years

Since it was first published in 1963, the Guide du camping au Québec (campground guide) has come a long way... just like camping itself! 

See the Québec Campground Guide

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